Jude The Dude is not a medical site. I never wanted it to be,
there are PLENTY of those to give you IgE levels, cause theories
and what exactly happens to your body during an attack.

Instead, Jude the Dude is a site for real world coping and
living with this very real and very serious allergy. I have put
lists of peanut free candy, peanut free finds (but please
always check the labels to be sure!), news articles (warning
though - some are very sad), and videos, songs, quizzes, and
lists  for you and your child to enjoy and to teach your child
how to live safely.

Our kids are up for a tough road. There are going to be days
when the feel left out and times that they feel they missed out
on something because of their peanut allergy. And, yes, they
will miss out on some things. Hopefully, though, they can
come to this site, learn they are not alone, gain the
confidence to always stand up for themselves, and live with
this allergy safely.

Bridget Batson, Mom of Jude